Taking on the day like 😈😈😈 [via Dragon Ball Super, ep 98 dubbed on Toonami]

🔥NEW FIGHTERS JOIN THE ROSTER🔥 Welcome these new voices to the dub, in episodes 78 & 79 on Toonami!

WHEW. This weekend’s new dub episode was 🔥🔥🔥 [via Dragon Ball Super ep 97, on Toonami]

You need more Zeno in your life.via episode 96, dubbed on #Toonami!

New additions to the Tournament of Power dub rosters are HERE! Dallas Reid, Josh Martin, Orion Pitts, and Kyle Igneczi join...

Reasons not to miss the dub on Toonami: Moments like this.  [via episode 95]

Who got a double-dose of Super this weekend and watched the movie on the big screen AS WELL as the new Toonami episode?? 

New dub voices join the 3rd Universe in episode 92! 

💥Here's the latest cast update for the 2nd Universe on Toonami! 💥