Ready to take on the week like (via Dragon Ball Super, ep 101 dubbed on Toonami)

ANDROID 18!!!!!!!Watch her kick some serious tail tonight, in the newest dub episode on Toonami.

Taking on the day like 😈😈😈 [via Dragon Ball Super, ep 98 dubbed on Toonami]

🔥NEW FIGHTERS JOIN THE ROSTER🔥 Welcome these new voices to the dub, in episodes 78 & 79 on Toonami!

WHEW. This weekend’s new dub episode was 🔥🔥🔥 [via Dragon Ball Super ep 97, on Toonami]

You need more Zeno in your life.via episode 96, dubbed on #Toonami!

New additions to the Tournament of Power dub rosters are HERE! Dallas Reid, Josh Martin, Orion Pitts, and Kyle Igneczi join...

Reasons not to miss the dub on Toonami: Moments like this.  [via episode 95]

Who got a double-dose of Super this weekend and watched the movie on the big screen AS WELL as the new Toonami episode?? 

New dub voices join the 3rd Universe in episode 92!